The Art of Art

3 05 2011

Petroglyphs, Three Rivers Petroglyph site, New Mexico, © 2009 Michael Maurer Smith

Making Art offers the artist a means of escape and redemption. It is a personal and often selfish act usually done in isolation. Yet it is always an act of creation and giving. It is about finding truth, beauty, hope and renewal.

Whether the artist’s work is appreciated by only one person, many or none is of little importance. It remains an offering—a gift for anyone who would receive it— whenever they are ready. And if in making the work the artist has become a better person that also is a gift to the world.

Genuine artistic expression is never a contest. It is passion and understanding made manifest.

Art does not command obedience nor does it exact a price for membership. It excludes no one who wishes to join the fold. It cares not if you are male or female, healthy or sick, rich or poor, young or old, black, red, yellow or white. Art asks only that those who come to it bring with them an open mind and the willingness to see, hear, feel, absorb and learn.

Making art is the evidence of the artist’s decision to matter.

© 2011 Michael Maurer Smith




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