More Than Meets the Eye

18 04 2010

Where to now? © 2009 Michael Maurer Smith


“The final strength in really great photographs is that they suggest more than just what they show literally.”
Robert Adams (Art in the 21st Century – PBS season 4)    

“If it doesn’t have ambiguity don’t bother to take it. I love that aspect of photography, the mendacity of photography.”
Sally Mann (Art in the 21st Century – PBS season 2)    

Simplicity and clarity are difficult to achieve. Leave out too much and the picture fails. Include too much and it becomes confused. Picasso is to have said that “art is a lie that tells the truth.” I agree.    

How do you achieve truthfulness and clarity in your work? What is truthfulness and clarity in Art?   

NOTE: The photograph shown in this post, “Where to now?” has not been altered in any way except for the compression of depth that comes with using a telephoto lens.




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